Vegan Challenge – Day 5

Today I finished the mixed vegetables stir fry! Finally! I was getting sick of eating that for about three days, along with rice. I went grocery shopping and got more vegetables (surprise haha) and other vegan friendly items.

I had planned to wake up early to workout but I was too lazy to and love sleep too much. I had a meeting a 1pm and then that’s when I finished the mixed vegetable stir fry. I ate it with the whole wheat pita. Which reminds me, I need to buy more pita and bread. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping. Here are the items that I remember buying:

  • soy milk (TONS)
  • tofu
  • beans
  • eggplant
  • canned mixed vegetables
  • vegetable mushroom oyster sauce (I checked the ingredients and it’s free of animal by-products!)
  • udon noodles
  • and seaweed

Since I’ve been tired of eating rice, I got udon noodles to mix it up. My mom made this plate below for me:

The vegetables in it are: eggplant, some kind of leafy green, tofu, bamboo shoots and some gluten item. And this was one of the soy milks that I bought:

I’ve heard that the sugar in this one might come from bone char. I’m not 100% sure on that but I’m going to continue drinking it until someone shows me 100% confirmation that it does.

I’ve noticed that I’m hungry more at night so I guess I need to have snacks in between my meals, or eat breakfast (I’m trying!). I’ll probably go grocery shopping tomorrow since I need to prepare some food for TIFF.

Anyway, I’m out and will end my night eating a banana :). Have a wonderful Wednesday night!

- Synthia T.

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